You shot your video for Two Moon Love, at a removal house yard, which sounds like an unusual location. Whose idea was it to shoot it there and did everything go to plan?
I think it was Miki’s (director). We got an old house, crammed as many lights and people in there on a couple of really hot days, and the result is a pretty disgustingly sexy dance clip.

I read you guys produce your records completely by yourselves: mixing, mastering and recording? Can you tell us about this? Whose home studio and whose head chief of production?
Nick(drummer) and Danny(singer) own a studio in Brisbane, and record bands out there. We can record, mix and master our songs, get them from absolute beginnings to the final product by ourselves, which is pretty fantastic. Nick, Aaron and Danny kind of take the reigns when it comes to production.

You’re about to commence a tour. Can you tell us a bit about this? What can we expect from these shows?
Party. Party. Party. I can guarantee at least one really drunk member of the band per show.

How long have you all been playing together and who is main writer, or do you all equally contribute?
Danny and Nick do a lot of the producing and writing, however I kind of pull my weight in the attractiveness and intelligence departments.

What has been your favourite experience together so far?
We recently had a day we spent at St Kilda, where we got ice-creams together. That was pretty special.

Danny Harley also has a side project called Kite String Tangle. Can you tell us about this and how that came about?
He had always been doing more chilled/ambient music, and he finally decided to give himself an outlet for his solo stuff. Turned out pretty well I think.

Can you share any amusing anecdotes from your time together so far of things that haven’t always gone to plan?
We have had a lot of interesting incidents. Onstage injuries, vital pieces of gear failing (and continuing the set acoustically) and having band members fall victim to a pre-show nap and nearly miss the set. Nothing too bad yet though…


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