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 Most of us who have researched our family trees, have experienced that weird feeling of looking at old family photos of our ancestors and wondering what their lives were like. Did they share our personal feelings and convictions? Did they share our humour and enjoy the same things, like art or music? Maybe it also started us thinking of our own mortality. Their lives were important to them, but now they’re just photos in someone’s album. Many unidentified, because nobody labelled them. Could this be us in the future? All our ambitions and in the end we’re just a photo?

For Isabelle Reynaud, the young singer/songwriter, behind Cheeky Goose, this is a thought that stuck in her mind and became the inspiration for her first single Photographs, from the recently released self-titled debut EP.

“The EP, is very eclectic,” she explains. “It draws from so many influences. The first single Photographs is very Brit Pop. It’s interesting, because the lyrics and meaning of the song are quite dark. We’ve always got that in our songs; this really Poppy fun tune, or really beautiful cinematic song, but there’ll be a darker meaning. We like to make the listener have to think about it. Our song Photographs is celebrating life. It’s saying: ‘You only live once so lets make it amazing.’ Then there is that darker sense: ‘We are all going to leave one day, and all there will be are photographs.’ I find that a bit morbid. I’m part French, so when I go to France, my grandmother is showing me all these family photographs from generations – like the 1800s, and they just look like faces. I’m related to them and I know nothing about them. It’s really haunting. My flesh and blood, thinking exactly what I’m thinking, but in an entirely different time and sense. What is beautiful, is that my grandmother can pass on their stories, so I start to feel a sense of them after I’ve heard the story, not just seen the photo. In Photograph’s I talk about that. I say, it’s the memory you’re creating that’s important.”

Whilst Reynaud writes most of the songs for Cheeky Goose, she shares custody of this baby with friend Richard Butler. The pair met when both studying at The Victorian College of the Arts and quickly found they shared the same vision when it came to music genre and style.

“I have always been very lyric driven in my song writing, enjoying simpler/folky melodies to accompany my stories and Richard has always liked more complex dramatic music. When I brought my songs to the table I suddenly saw my songs in a completely different light with his arrangements and ideas. It felt like the perfect musical match. That’s how it came about. It’s mainly just us two. We write it all. We arrange it all. We fund it all. We finance everything and then we’ve got our musicians that we bring on board to make the bigger picture. It’s really come together over the last year, after recording the EP, and we’re trying to get gigs now.”

In fact, if you missed the recent launch of the Cheeky Goose EP at The Grace Darling Hotel, you still have the chance to do some toe-tapping, hip slapping; maybe even flap your elbows and do some Cheeky Goose quacking…or rather squawking, at the The Spring Fling Cancer Council Fundraiser.

“It’s going to be a great night and your tickets are going to a great cause,” enthuses Reynaud. “I’ve also decided 50% of each CD purchase at the event will be donated to the fundraiser! Lots of prizes up for grabs too! Or if you are looking out for a later gig Cheeky Goose will be playing at The Catfish supporting Fifth Friend on the same night! Why not be a groupie and come to both!!!”








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Just confirming the Cheeky Goose Ep, which will be launched at The Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood, on the 9th of November 5:30pm $10 entry, is self titled.

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Trying to make this latest post under difficult circumstances (fat cat determinedly squeezed between my laptop and stomach,) so bare with me…

When Melbourne friends Isabelle Renaud (Vocalist) and Richard Butler (keyboard) first met at The Victorian College of The Arts, it was a case of opposites attract. Despite their  very different musical backgrounds, something about the pair as a combination worked. Now known as Cheeky Goose, they have been entertaining audiences around Melbourne for about 12 months. Some of you may have already caught them at The Toff; The Spotted Mallard, and The Grace Darling Hotel, where they will launch their debut EP on Nov 9th 2014. I have tried to seek out the name of this EP, but no luck. May be self titled, but have messaged band to find out more. Meanwhile, while I wipe my keyboard of thick white cat fur, enjoy this promo for their track Photograph.

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Some musicians don’t release debut albums until they are at least 25. Seventeen-year-old Sahara Beck released her first album, Volume One in 2011, when she was only 15. In 2012, she moved from her childhood home on Queensland’s Sunshine coast, to Brisbane to attend Music Industry College. One of her compositions: You Could Be Happy was nominated Song of the Year at the Queensland Music Awards against a long list of established artists and also took out the high school category. The featured video Brother Sister is the first single from her upcoming EP Bloom due out late 2014. Sahara says the track is about making the most of the time you have and life you have been given. Check out the following link for Bloom tour dates.

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If you live in the US or Sydney, Australia, you may or may not have encountered award winning Aussie singer/songwriter Anthony Snape. I first discovered him on My Space, when browsing for musicians to interview for my book Icons of Tomorrow. In that year Anthony had just released his debut album Disappearing Day, and had uploaded tracks: Daylight and Little Piece of Love to his account; the latter winning him a Musicoz Award. Then there was crowd funded Resonate. In just 30 days of the project being promoted on Kickstarter, fans had demonstrated their enthusiasm for the idea, with a whopping $26,000. Now he has joined forces with friend and equally talented singer/songwriter Claire Wyndham for another crowd funding invitation: the release of their first collaboration in joint album Wisher Keepers. The pair aim to raise 10,000 by September 20th. Watch the video below for details. You might also enjoy the video for the beautiful song Pictures, (written recorded, filmed and released in just two weeks) which Anthony wrote about social media photo app Instragram.

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Little Bird, a dynamic young “acoustic looping” duo from Australia’s west coast, brings together the talents of Matt Williams on guitar, and Rachel O’Hara on vocals. The “acoustic looping”, is courtesy of a nifty piece of machinery called The Boss Loop Station and is what they credit for their unique sound. According to Matt, they were inspired by their admiration for Ed Sheeran, who also uses a similar Looping machine. Listen to the latest podcast for Matt’s interview with Icons of Tomorrow on how the partnership was born, and his amusing take on the difference between boy bands, and girl/boy duos. Their, as yet untitled, debut EP and accompanying tour is expected later this year. Check back for announcements.

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Over the years I’ve blogged on and interviewed Folk, Blues, Pop and Rock artists, but I must confess, I’ve never reviewed or written about a rap artist before, so this is something new for me.

Shona contacted me through Linkedin wanting to share her music with me and other bloggers. Though She describes herself as a country girl at heart, musically Shona is influenced by artists such as Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill, Rihanna and The Game. Most musicians will usually have been striving from early childhood to break into the business, but in Shona’s case, she discovered her passion by accident at a fun Karaoke night. It was then her friend, impressed by Shona’s untapped talent, encouraged her to pursue music professionally. Of course, Shona followed her friend’s advice and has since progressed to writing and recording her own club rap tracks. Below is her track 666 drop, which has enjoyed national exposure on Fox FM as well as being played at venues around the country and overseas. Beats created by Holly J. Also featuring Rap artist NeeQ.

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