Merpire is the writing name of talented Sydney singer/songwriter Rhiannon Atkinson – Howatt. Her unique style saw her win the Telstra Road to Discovery 2015 and since then she has been working hard on evolving her sound. Now she has a new EP due out later this year and a new single Holding Breath. As part of the launch she will be performing two shows:
The Oxford Art Factory, Sydney Thursday July 6th. Supporting artists Elizabeth Hughes and Georgia Mulligan
Wesley Anne Melbourne Friday 7th July. Supporting artist Liv Cartledge.
Merpire spoke to me about the new release and her love of creating music.

Holding Breath, is from your new EP. When is this due out and where will we be able to buy it? Also, what can you tell us about the track and EP?

I was dying just to get ‘Holding Breath’ out so you can imagine how I’m feeling about the release of the EP! ‘Holding Breath’ is basically about looking for love the same place you were hurt and the pitch-bending violins try to emphasise the ups and downs that come with that. The EP will feature more big walls of sound as well some quieter, more intimate moments. All of it is honest and a little bit quirky, just the way I like it. You can expect it out towards the last quarter of the year. You’ll be able to buy it from all the major online distributors, including bandcamp. Of course, the best place to buy it will be at my shows where you’ll also find something special to go with it..

Tell us about shows planned for the Oxford Art Factory Sydney and Wesley Anne in Melbourne.

I’ve played the Gallery Bar in Oxford Art Factory a couple of times and have always dug the vibe. It’s all about the mood you want to create on stage so it starts with the vibe! I’ve also had the absolute pleasure of watching some of my favourite acts there. For instance, my number one gal, Angel Olsen.

I played at Wesley Anne in Northcote not long ago when I supported one of my best friends, Liv Cartledge as she launched her stunning EP. Liv is in fact going to be supporting me at my Wesley Anne show. I love Wesley Anne. It looks like an old-school movie theatre. Such a beautiful, cosy room.

You say when you write songs you like to see them as mini movies. What do you mean by this?

When I listen to music, like a lot of people, I like to be carried away to another place: A scene you create in your mind about what the song is about or how it can relate to your life. I also like to pretend I am in a movie scene when I listen to music sometimes, especially when driving at night and in an emotional mood. Ok, I spend a lot of time in this alternate reality in my mind. Don’t get me wrong; I have a wonderful life ha! But it really is magic the way music can do that so instantaneously. I would love to be able to create that world myself for others to experience and get lost in.



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