If you were thinking of taking your dog to the average local park on Oct 9th, think again. That will be the date any dog whose any dog, is off to enjoy Dogapalooza music festival, and any human who forgets this date, is likely to be on the nose. Just sayin’! Musicians billed to perform are Triple J Unearthed winner and indigenous artist, Thelma Plum, The Little Steves, Sam Lohs and a mystery guest that is being kept under wraps. Proceeds raised from Melbourne’s first dog friendly music festival, will go towards animal protection agencies. The very talented Thelma Plum granted a short but barking sweet chat about the gig.

Are you a pet owner yourself?

I am proud mother to my cute lil boy rabbit, Dolly Parton. He is extremely cheeky and enjoys going on walks and getting pats on his cheeks. Also my family dog Tex who is a cream kelpie rescue. He is frightened of almost everything including feet.

When I contacted you for an interview , you mentioned you were in writing/recording mode. How is this going?

It’s been going great! I am currently finishing up writing for my debut album. I am pretty excited to record them.

From your musical journey so far, what has been your fav experience or achievement and why?

Hmmmm.. It changes all the time but I would say getting to meet all the people/puppies along the way.

Can you share any amusing anecdotes perhaps of things that haven’t gone to plan?

I am the queen of things not going to plan. I’ve kind of become pretty good at going with the flow. Everyday something doesn’t go to plan, but it’s way more fun/interesting this way. Like this morning when I planned to go for a run and then didn’t.

If you could change the world tomorrow what influence you would like to have?

I would put a holt to puppy farms and also breeders. If anyone wants a pet, they can rescue, not buy.

Anything not covered you’d like to add?
Cannot wait to kiss and cuddle all of the dogapalooza pups.

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