The Wandering Lost

It’s been a little while between blog posts. It’s not that I haven’t been thinking about it; I searched and made notes on various bands, then moved and searched for notes. Then lost password. Needless to say, I can relate to the name of the band I eventually interviewed… The following is from a recent cyberspace chat with the group.

So Wandering Lost, when things get crazy who keeps your ship on course?

“This is usually Kat, but we like to share around that responsibility. We originally called ourselves Sunday Best. The Wandering Lost came from “Wunderlust” which is the need to keep moving.”

I read you all met while doing a music course?

“Yeah we sure did! We all started the Bachelor of Music course at QUT in Brisbane in 2014. However we didn’t start writing together until 2015 when we formed the Wandering Lost.”

Were you nervous the first night you performed live as a new band?

“Not really! Our first gig outside of Uni was the Brisbane Powerhouse which could be considered an excuse to make us feel nervous. But we had been writing together for a while, and we all had experience performing in groups and solo so were probably more prepared than a lot of new bands.”

Do you have any new CDs coming out?

“We do! We are in the studio tracking our second last song for our debut EP at the moment, and will announce the release date in the next few weeks. We’ve been working really hard on these songs both in the rehearsal room and the studio, so it is exciting to be able to release them into the world.”








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