anthony picMusic promotion can be expensive when you’re an independent artist, unless you’re as savvy with simple equipment (or what in the past would have been simple equipment) as Australian Rock/Pop singer/songwriter Anthony Snape. He recorded an edited the entire video clip for his single Resonate on his iphone 4S. Steve Jobs proud! Who needs film producers these days anyway?

Anthony initially came to my attention back in 2006, when I interviewed him for my book Icons of Tomorrow. He’d written a beautiful song called Little Piece of Love, from his debut album Disappearing Day. The song almost didn’t make that album, yet opened up many opportunities for him, not least a Musicoz award. A few years later, Anthony moved to Nashville (where much of this clip is filmed) after scoring a support spot with Tommy Emmanuel. Below is a brief chat with Anthony about this clip.

There’s some great affects in this clip. How was the image in the eye created?

I enjoy the journey that producing the video artwork to a song can take you on. Especially when there are limitations like a small budget. It forces you to think creatively to get your message across. Being the writer and performer of the song also gives me the opportunity to put some key elements into the video that I used on the album artwork. My first real experience working on my own music videos was the Pictures video clip [on youtube, search Anthony Snape “Pictures”] The eye was shot with a simple Macro lens on the iPhone.

Have you enjoyed your time in Nashville. What’s Tommy like to work with?

He is truly a Living Legend. An incredible person and a good friend.

What are some of the biggest lifestyle differences you’ve noticed since living over there, in comparison to your hometown?

Compared to Sydney, I would say the water. I miss the harbour, the beaches and the great Aussie food.

You and your wife recently welcomed a baby. How does this compare with your other achievements?

Having a family is the most incredible experience of my life.

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