There’s been some line-up changes over the years. Ginger & Drum (Otherwise known as Zoe Gault and Andy Rawson) were originally a duo, but in 2013 welcomed their siblings – Zoe’s sister Lauren and Andy’s brother James- aboard. Together they believed they had a bigger sound and it also allowed them to move further away from the “Folk” tag they were keen to avoid. Well, it looks like the universe had other ideas. In 2015 they found themselves a duo once more after losing one new band member to his dream of being a Vet and the other to France. Have they suffered? Personally perhaps, as they probably no longer see their siblings as much. Professionally as a marketable musical commodity? No, because Ginger & Drum, currently based in Sydney, sound great as a duo. Why change the formula? Ticking Boxes is their first single for 2015, with the promise of more to come.

Ginger & Drum play The Oxford Art Factory 5th March and Gaffa Gallery 21st March. They will release their EP at the end of this year.

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