If you live in the US or Sydney, Australia, you may or may not have encountered award winning Aussie singer/songwriter Anthony Snape. I first discovered him on My Space, when browsing for musicians to interview for my book Icons of Tomorrow. In that year Anthony had just released his debut album Disappearing Day, and had uploaded tracks: Daylight and Little Piece of Love to his account; the latter winning him a Musicoz Award. Then there was crowd funded Resonate. In just 30 days of the project being promoted on Kickstarter, fans had demonstrated their enthusiasm for the idea, with a whopping $26,000. Now he has joined forces with friend and equally talented singer/songwriter Claire Wyndham for another crowd funding invitation: the release of their first collaboration in joint album Wisher Keepers. The pair aim to raise 10,000 by September 20th. Watch the video below for details. You might also enjoy the video for the beautiful song Pictures, (written recorded, filmed and released in just two weeks) which Anthony wrote about social media photo app Instragram.

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