In earlier days new bands and solo artists wanting exposure, looked to shows like Countdown to build their audience. These days an increasing amount are trying their luck through popular programs such as The Voice. Last year we were blown away by the talent of veterans like Steve Clisby – How could a musician of his calibre be performing for well over 30 years without any of us having heard of him? Not to mention the extraordinary talent of younger contestants such as Harrison Craig, whose unique vocal tone shone through despite a pronounced stutter, and resulted in him taking the title for 2013.

Many will remember Ben Hazelwood was one of the original contestants for team Joel from season 1 of The Voice. Like most contestants who have used these talent shows to gain exposure, Ben also had a life as a musician prior to The Voice and has been writing music since the age of 13. At 17 years of age, he also came fourth on New Zealand Idol. Last year Ben Hazelwood released his EP debut Loveless, which was recorded at Sing Sing Studios, with producers Ian Molly Meldrum and Ricki Rae at the helm. One thing I’d say for those who haven’t heard this artist on The Voice is not to be confused by EP’s cover art. Ben is not a country artist; his genre is pop. Think a blend of Savage Garden/Justin Timberlake/One Republic etc Featured video shows Ben performing charismatic single Parachute from the EP.

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