His debut EP The Breach is due out later this year, and the below video clip promotes the title track and first single from this release. Tebbutt, hailing from New England in NSW, (though originally born in Stockholm) drew much of the inspiration for the EP from a two year writing break in Sweden. Tebbutt says he found the dramatic seasonal shifts, natural to that region beautiful and so starkly different to Australia.

“The colours and textures in the trees, the light… is softer or something. The winter, it’s so extreme, and because of that it’s so beautiful. It’s a hard thing to describe, but I found it really inspiring to be immersed in those places.”

The affection he has for the colder extremes of this region are made more evident by the fantastic chalk drawing of an Igloo in this clip.

We’re all scared of trenches
And grow weak at knees
I want you to know that.
If all you’ve ever wanted was a dream
Then you know that I can’t help you.

But did I show you love
In the author on my face
‘Cause you know you left a hollow
Where your body cut an alcove.
Did I show you love
‘Cause the silence never stayed
It’s a breach I’ll never cover.

You happened out the back door
Laying bare this need
You open up this vessel.
And gather all the quivers
That never got to fly
And a one and only cipher.

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