It’s time TV programmers revamped their attitude to showcasing new musical talent in Australia or at least took some inspiration from past golden oldies. In the 70s and ‘80s Countdown successfully launched the careers of hundreds of new International and Australian acts on the show. Musicians performed their own songs for live crowds in studio (or sent video clips) and of course the millions of viewers who turned in each Sunday. Viewers were instantly able to judge what sort of artist they were actually looking at. There was no mystery as often seen on modern music talent programs, where artists are only permitted to sing covers, and then will later comment: “I’m bringing out a CD and the stuff I write, is entirely different to anything viewers have heard me do on this show.” What good is that? Give us a show where new up-and-coming acts can perform their own new singles, or songs they believe they’d like to release as their single if audience support seems strong. Maybe there have been programs similar to this over time, but they may not have achieved great ratings due to bad judgement on quality of acts presented. Wannabes who appear to be just playing with airtime should be discouraged as viewers will turn off quickly if they’re not seeing acts they believe in. It should be still possible for new musicians to sell their music without the backing of a major label if they’re given an appropriate platform to do it. So how about it?

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