New rules to be imposed by council may make it difficult for many quality buskers to keep going.  Time limits to be introduced mean buskers will be held to 30 min sets.  Apparently the proposal is that the busker will set up on one corner with heavy PA, mic and instruments and play a 30 min set. Then pack up and move PA, and other gear to another city location two blocks away, and play another 30 minute set. All up they will play two hours. This has obviously been thought out by someone who has never done busking and doesn’t understand the practical complications involved. There will also be auditions to see who continues to enjoy the privilege of busking. Fair go; these people don’t earn a lot at what they do. It’s mixed lollie money at best. They do it because they enjoy entertaining people and surely that should be rewarded, rather than discouraged.

Below is a fascinating doco on award winning singer/songwriter Jess Paige, who has been busking since she was 14. It was put together by students from RMIT uni.

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