Three artists from my book Icons of Tomorrow have recently released cds. Check them out!

If you’re a Neighbours fan, you’ve probably heard a preview of this catchy new single by Jake Butler, who appears in the Reality TV section of my book. You can buy it on itunes as well as on the new Jacob Butler Project EP, availble through Jake direct There will also be an album release soon.

Next is Tangled Brew by Lloyd Spiegel, who was interviewed on ploys used to gain exposure, for the third Chapter of Icons of Tomorrow. If you’ve never seen Blues artist Lloyd Spiegel  play his guitar live, you’ve been missing out. He’s a master on the strings, and respected as an entertainer  by all those who have had the pleasure of catching a gig.

Here’s a promo with previews from the new album. Available through JB HIFI

Last but not least is Chloe Hall, an Australian Folk singer who has had her songs feature in The Saddle Club series and in feature films including Little Oberon and The Caterpiller Wish. She has a way of writing unique songs that are instantly appealing on the first listen, and this latest release Outside, is no exception.

Here’s a live performance of the song I’m Still Here from the album. Available through cdbaby

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