I watched a repeat of an early American sitcom recently, which showed brilliantly what music gigs can sometimes be like from the musician’s perspective. As this poor female singer stared out into the crowd, people sat at their tables staring disdainfully back, and looking incredibly bored. Others were fidgeting and talking loudly, making it very difficult for the performer to feel like their presence was really appreciated, or that the crowd was ready for their performance. This reminded me of real life painful accounts I’d been told of. One American soul/blues singer confided to me of how she was booed, when supporting Jimmy Barnes, because his fans wanted to see him, and wouldn’t give her a go. Other Indies have also related how upset people get if they don’t know a song being played. “Play us something we know!” They’ll insist. It should be noted, that anyone who can sing, can perform a cover song, but it takes a real artist, to be able to write their own. Children may be unyielding when it comes to trying new things, but as adults we should be more open minded. You should never shut the door on originality, or dismiss something just because it’s unknown.

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