She was a finalist in the 2016 Triple J High Unearthed competition with Glass and is back again this year with Pure Luck; a very appealing to the ears collaboration with friend Freya Staer. The song has already notched up an incredible 1million plays on Spotify. Pretty exciting for any musician let alone a young 17 year old from Gosford High School. Nina spoke to me about this lucky tune and her friendship with Freya below.

Your song Pure Luck has won you a finalist position in this years Triple J Unearthed competition. Can you tell us about the song and your collaboration with your friend Freya Staer?

The song came about from Freya and I hanging out at my house and playing around with a few melodies on my laptop and her guitar. It was super spontaneous and it came together really quickly.

How did you feel when you realised it had notched up 1 million plays on Spotify?

It felt awesome – Freya and I are stoked that so many people like the song.

Do you think this collaboration could be the start of a professional partnership?

I’m not sure what you mean by that, but Freya and I are definitely working on more music together.

Is there an album or EP in the works?

Not at the moment, but I’m looking forward to writing and producing much more music once I have finished school.

You and Freya have been friends since you were 10 years old. Where did you meet and when did you discover your shared passion for music?

We met when she moved to my primary school in year five and became friends. I can’t pinpoint when we discovered our shared passion for music, but I think we both started working on our individual projects around the beginning of high school.

Catch Ninajirachi when she performs at this year’s Listen Out Festival 30th September 2017 Centennial Park, Sydney.





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Merpire is the writing name of talented Sydney singer/songwriter Rhiannon Atkinson – Howatt. Her unique style saw her win the Telstra Road to Discovery 2015 and since then she has been working hard on evolving her sound. Now she has a new EP due out later this year and a new single Holding Breath. As part of the launch she will be performing two shows:
The Oxford Art Factory, Sydney Thursday July 6th. Supporting artists Elizabeth Hughes and Georgia Mulligan
Wesley Anne Melbourne Friday 7th July. Supporting artist Liv Cartledge.
Merpire spoke to me about the new release and her love of creating music.

Holding Breath, is from your new EP. When is this due out and where will we be able to buy it? Also, what can you tell us about the track and EP?

I was dying just to get ‘Holding Breath’ out so you can imagine how I’m feeling about the release of the EP! ‘Holding Breath’ is basically about looking for love the same place you were hurt and the pitch-bending violins try to emphasise the ups and downs that come with that. The EP will feature more big walls of sound as well some quieter, more intimate moments. All of it is honest and a little bit quirky, just the way I like it. You can expect it out towards the last quarter of the year. You’ll be able to buy it from all the major online distributors, including bandcamp. Of course, the best place to buy it will be at my shows where you’ll also find something special to go with it..

Tell us about shows planned for the Oxford Art Factory Sydney and Wesley Anne in Melbourne.

I’ve played the Gallery Bar in Oxford Art Factory a couple of times and have always dug the vibe. It’s all about the mood you want to create on stage so it starts with the vibe! I’ve also had the absolute pleasure of watching some of my favourite acts there. For instance, my number one gal, Angel Olsen.

I played at Wesley Anne in Northcote not long ago when I supported one of my best friends, Liv Cartledge as she launched her stunning EP. Liv is in fact going to be supporting me at my Wesley Anne show. I love Wesley Anne. It looks like an old-school movie theatre. Such a beautiful, cosy room.

You say when you write songs you like to see them as mini movies. What do you mean by this?

When I listen to music, like a lot of people, I like to be carried away to another place: A scene you create in your mind about what the song is about or how it can relate to your life. I also like to pretend I am in a movie scene when I listen to music sometimes, especially when driving at night and in an emotional mood. Ok, I spend a lot of time in this alternate reality in my mind. Don’t get me wrong; I have a wonderful life ha! But it really is magic the way music can do that so instantaneously. I would love to be able to create that world myself for others to experience and get lost in.



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If you were thinking of taking your dog to the average local park on Oct 9th, think again. That will be the date any dog whose any dog, is off to enjoy Dogapalooza music festival, and any human who forgets this date, is likely to be on the nose. Just sayin’! Musicians billed to perform are Triple J Unearthed winner and indigenous artist, Thelma Plum, The Little Steves, Sam Lohs and a mystery guest that is being kept under wraps. Proceeds raised from Melbourne’s first dog friendly music festival, will go towards animal protection agencies. The very talented Thelma Plum granted a short but barking sweet chat about the gig.

Are you a pet owner yourself?

I am proud mother to my cute lil boy rabbit, Dolly Parton. He is extremely cheeky and enjoys going on walks and getting pats on his cheeks. Also my family dog Tex who is a cream kelpie rescue. He is frightened of almost everything including feet.

When I contacted you for an interview , you mentioned you were in writing/recording mode. How is this going?

It’s been going great! I am currently finishing up writing for my debut album. I am pretty excited to record them.

From your musical journey so far, what has been your fav experience or achievement and why?

Hmmmm.. It changes all the time but I would say getting to meet all the people/puppies along the way.

Can you share any amusing anecdotes perhaps of things that haven’t gone to plan?

I am the queen of things not going to plan. I’ve kind of become pretty good at going with the flow. Everyday something doesn’t go to plan, but it’s way more fun/interesting this way. Like this morning when I planned to go for a run and then didn’t.

If you could change the world tomorrow what influence you would like to have?

I would put a holt to puppy farms and also breeders. If anyone wants a pet, they can rescue, not buy.

Anything not covered you’d like to add?
Cannot wait to kiss and cuddle all of the dogapalooza pups.

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Emily Wurramurra

Emily Wurramurra always loved music, but growing up in an indigenous culture in the Northern Territory it was rare for women to sing publicly. Thankfully she had the courage to pursue her musical ambitions, despite the cultural clash this represented. Below Emily shares what this achievement has meant to her.

Where I’m from we still practice sacred ceremonies and we still have that male hierarchy system. The women are taught from a very young age to be respectful: what to wear, how to treat your husband – cook, clean, wash anything for him. That’s my culture, and me being able to step out of that system and be a role model for my women in the community is a very powerful significance. I hope that other women are able to do this too and not be restricted by our culture. Yes, I respect it. I live for preserving my culture, but I believe that women can do anything.

What was your biggest inspiration growing up?

I had so many things that inspired me growing up. Musically, I was inspired by a lot of community bands from NT and bands from my community. My inspirations range from Jazz to hip hop and seeing those artists get up on stage and rock it, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Do you miss your childhood in the Territory or are you more of a city girl these days?

I do! I miss it so much, I feel like there’s still a great divide and I’ve adapted to the city life, but I’d swap it for home any day.

You currently have your debut EP out. What can you tell us about that?

My Ep is called black smoke, and its made up of 6 songs focused around my childhood, the now and the future. Half of the songs are in my mother tongue- anindilyakwa- and half in English.

Can you share any amusing anecdotes from performing?

I have so many goodness me! When I was in Melbourne, it was the first gig to my Black smoke Tour. I was strumming out pretty hard to this song “tapsticks” and my string broke but I kept going and it was the very first time ever that happened. It was hilarious.

What was it like collaborating with Bernard Fanning?

It was amazing, he’s such a talented musician. SUPER supportive, and the most friendliest and most humble person I’ve met.

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The Wandering Lost

It’s been a little while between blog posts. It’s not that I haven’t been thinking about it; I searched and made notes on various bands, then moved and searched for notes. Then lost password. Needless to say, I can relate to the name of the band I eventually interviewed… The following is from a recent cyberspace chat with the group.

So Wandering Lost, when things get crazy who keeps your ship on course?

“This is usually Kat, but we like to share around that responsibility. We originally called ourselves Sunday Best. The Wandering Lost came from “Wunderlust” which is the need to keep moving.”

I read you all met while doing a music course?

“Yeah we sure did! We all started the Bachelor of Music course at QUT in Brisbane in 2014. However we didn’t start writing together until 2015 when we formed the Wandering Lost.”

Were you nervous the first night you performed live as a new band?

“Not really! Our first gig outside of Uni was the Brisbane Powerhouse which could be considered an excuse to make us feel nervous. But we had been writing together for a while, and we all had experience performing in groups and solo so were probably more prepared than a lot of new bands.”

Do you have any new CDs coming out?

“We do! We are in the studio tracking our second last song for our debut EP at the moment, and will announce the release date in the next few weeks. We’ve been working really hard on these songs both in the rehearsal room and the studio, so it is exciting to be able to release them into the world.”








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anthony picMusic promotion can be expensive when you’re an independent artist, unless you’re as savvy with simple equipment (or what in the past would have been simple equipment) as Australian Rock/Pop singer/songwriter Anthony Snape. He recorded an edited the entire video clip for his single Resonate on his iphone 4S. Steve Jobs proud! Who needs film producers these days anyway?

Anthony initially came to my attention back in 2006, when I interviewed him for my book Icons of Tomorrow. He’d written a beautiful song called Little Piece of Love, from his debut album Disappearing Day. The song almost didn’t make that album, yet opened up many opportunities for him, not least a Musicoz award. A few years later, Anthony moved to Nashville (where much of this clip is filmed) after scoring a support spot with Tommy Emmanuel. Below is a brief chat with Anthony about this clip.

There’s some great affects in this clip. How was the image in the eye created?

I enjoy the journey that producing the video artwork to a song can take you on. Especially when there are limitations like a small budget. It forces you to think creatively to get your message across. Being the writer and performer of the song also gives me the opportunity to put some key elements into the video that I used on the album artwork. My first real experience working on my own music videos was the Pictures video clip [on youtube, search Anthony Snape “Pictures”] The eye was shot with a simple Macro lens on the iPhone.

Have you enjoyed your time in Nashville. What’s Tommy like to work with?

He is truly a Living Legend. An incredible person and a good friend.

What are some of the biggest lifestyle differences you’ve noticed since living over there, in comparison to your hometown?

Compared to Sydney, I would say the water. I miss the harbour, the beaches and the great Aussie food.

You and your wife recently welcomed a baby. How does this compare with your other achievements?

Having a family is the most incredible experience of my life.

Follow Anthony on FB and be sure to enter your email address on to become a SNAPESTAR. You’ll see the latest music videos and announcements before the public.

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There’s been some line-up changes over the years. Ginger & Drum (Otherwise known as Zoe Gault and Andy Rawson) were originally a duo, but in 2013 welcomed their siblings – Zoe’s sister Lauren and Andy’s brother James- aboard. Together they believed they had a bigger sound and it also allowed them to move further away from the “Folk” tag they were keen to avoid. Well, it looks like the universe had other ideas. In 2015 they found themselves a duo once more after losing one new band member to his dream of being a Vet and the other to France. Have they suffered? Personally perhaps, as they probably no longer see their siblings as much. Professionally as a marketable musical commodity? No, because Ginger & Drum, currently based in Sydney, sound great as a duo. Why change the formula? Ticking Boxes is their first single for 2015, with the promise of more to come.

Ginger & Drum play The Oxford Art Factory 5th March and Gaffa Gallery 21st March. They will release their EP at the end of this year.

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